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I get it, but the truth is that we will never be ready, we just have to book a date and make it happen! You will never regret acting today and as the years go by you will be grateful you took action today!

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Extra weight is a common concern for many clients, but let me tell you a little secret... the right wardrobe, posing and lighting will show off your best self! I promise you will love how you look! 

I need to lose weight

I will work with you to create a wardrobe that flatters you and select colors that complement your style. I will help you pick out accessories on the day of your session! Best part? You don't have to go shopping. We can create a wardrobe from your existing pieces. Some clients do use their session as a reason to shop and they "take me along shopping" via text!

I don't know what to wear

The truth is very few people are. The people you see in my galleries are real people, not models! I strive to create a relaxed environment for clients. My clients look natural because I coach them through posing and expressions in a fun relaxed manner that brings out the best in them.

I am not photogenic

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